3D Warehouse

Find a 3D model of anything!

3D Warehouse contains millions of models created in SketchUp that you can import straight into your own model.

Need an oven for the kitchen you’re designing? A car for your driveway? A rhino for your zoo? Find it all in 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest library of free 3D models.

You can also find a model from a trusted manufacturer. With manufacturer partners like Herman Miller, Formica, Thermador and many others, we’re working to make 3D Warehouse the best place on the web to find a model of a specific, real-world object. Now when you specify an oven for a kitchen, you can be sure you’re working with accurate geometry, not to mention beautiful models.

You can browse 3D Warehouse from within SketchUp, or from here

If you would like to datasheets for a specific product please feel free to get in touch with your request.