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SketchUp was originally developed to be a simple, straightforward three dimensional programme – 3D for everyone!  I have always kept things simple in my business and SketchUp brought in another avenue to allow me to strengthen this principle.

I recall the first time I decided to use the software.  I was working on the main terminal building at King Shaka International Aiport, specifically on the implementation of the myriad of various counters and desks, when invariably an issue arose that, if not sorted out immediately, would have delayed the manufacturing process.  I taught myself the basics of the software and produced a model of the revised design over a weekend, so my the Monday morning could present the design to the client and shop-fitter for their input.

Most of us where trained in AutoCad, although I graduated when CAD was very much in its infancy, so I had been trained in manual hand techniques.  And then, although I became quite a wizzkid with AutoCad for a decade, I always felt that this software was designed for draughtsmen, and not for architects.  I eventually did progress to ArchiCad, but as a small business, this proved to be a very expensive tool to possess.

By focussing on the native aspects of SketchUp, it allows me to keep control over the complexity of the model.  Understanding that this is not AutoCad, I was able to quickly figure out the methodology of SketchUp.  It must be emphasised that luckily SketchUp does not work like AutoCad or similar software package.

One can easily establish the level of detail for the project by arranging the model and documentation early on in the design.  Detail construction drawings are separated from the main model, the same way the building information can be worked on without having to access a large project file.

Drawings can be shared with other platforms such as ArchiCad and Revit.

In my practice, SketchUP and LayOut allows me to spend more time on perfecting the design and less time on producing documentation.

– Jens Kuhn,

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